Adapter NVX2CAP-24

Articul: 003-6-002
Adapter to connect amplifiers NVX to the electrodes MCScap through a common connector (24 channels)
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Passive adapter for connect up to 25 EEG electrodes (including GND) to EEG amplifiers type NVX24, NVX36 and amplifiers that are compatible with EEG caps ElectroCap.

Also NVX2CAP-24 can be used to connect various electrophysiological electrodes with TouchProof connectors 1.5 mm to bioelectric amplifiers of other types with the condition that the documentation for the amplifier is not specified technical limitations on the length of wire.

Can be used in cases when you need to line disconnection or connection installed at the patient electrodes to an EEG amplifier, for example, when you register sonogram, or when it is necessary to increase the distance from the patient to the amplifier.

Cable length 1.8 m
Weight: 500 g

Total weight 800 g
Weight 500 g