MCScap SLEEP combines the advantages of thin and light electrodes with a cable exit at the top of the head. This cap is best decision for studies that requires increased comfort for patients in lying position during sleep or newborn studies.
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MCScap SLEEP - textile cap with preinstalled Ag/AgCl sintered electrodes MCScap-T with DB25 common connector. EEG starter kit and bag are included.

Application: routine EEG, sleep EEG, high resolution EEG, TMS-EEG

Total weight 1100 g
Weight 750 g
Electrode polarization ≤ 50 mV
Number of electrodes (channels) 21 (20) (from 11 up to 129 available by order)
Material of electrode sensor Ag/AgCl sintered
Electrode type MCScap-T
Resistance of electrodes insulation ≥ 1000 MΩ
Dielectric strength of electrodes insulation 1500 V
Diameter of a conductive surface 3(+1/-1) mm
Square of a conductive surface 7(+1/-1) mm2
The impedance of the electrode ≤ 5 kΩ
Spare electrode no
Channels in Standard caps Fp1, Fp2, F3, F4, C3, C4, P3, P4, O1, O2, F7, F8, Т3, T4, T5, T6, Cz, Fz, Pz, Fcz, GND
Ear electrodes no (сan be included by order)
Marking of the electrodes yes
Additional wire protection no
Exit of electrode cable from the cap top of the head
Connector type D-sub DB25 Male
Length of the electrode cable 1.5 m
Size by color by color of the seam
Mean time to failure (MTTF) 300 cycles
Warranty 12 months
Additional fixator (elastic bandage)
EEG starter kit (gel, syringe, needle, brush)
User manual
Size Fit for Head circumference
XL Adults 60-66 cm
XL/L Adults 57-63 cm
L Adults (most) 54-60 cm
L/M Teenagers, adults 51-57 cm
M Children, teenagers 48-54 cm
M/S Children up to 5 years 45-51 cm
S Children up to 2 years 42-48 cm
S/XS Children up to 1 year 39-45 cm
XS Babies up to 4 months 36-42 cm
Inf I Infants up to 1 month 32-36 cm
Inf II Newborn infants, preemies  28-32 cm
Inf III Newborn infants, preemies 24-28 cm

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